2012 Killalane Road races

Killalane road races finished the national road racing season here in Ireland for the year, but it was far from a classic event. Whilst there were some good tight races the event will be remembered for John Burrows and Ryan Farquhar announcing their retirement from road racing and doing a farewell demo lap on the machinery race bikes of the late Trevor Ferguson.

Ryan Farquhar at Killalane road races

Qualifying got off to a delayed start in strong, harsh, contrasty sunlight and welcome warm temperatures. As qualifying progressed the light improved for Photography.

I used my widest Nikon lens to capture the whole scene bathed in warm evening light and shadows for this Photograph of Armoy’s Ian Simpson at the Kearney’s Tree section of the circuit.

Ian Simpson at Killalane road races

Using the same lens at the same location but utilising a higher vantage point gave me a totally different image.

Ian Simpson at Killalane road races

The same lens and location from a lower viewpoint gave a different image again.

Benny Daly at Killalane road races

Seamus Elliott at Killalane road races

Race day and the Sun had given way to dull grey skies with the threat of rain, not great light for Photographing high speed Motorsport events.

Predictably William Dunlop won the Supersport 600 race on Wilson Craig’s missile of a Honda CBR600RR.

William Dunlop at Killalane road races

Michael Dunlop won both Superbike events.

Michael Dunlop at Killalane road races

KMR Kawasaki’s Jamie Hamilton took up where Ryan Farquhar left off by winning both the Moto450 and Supertwin races and took a podium in the grand final Superbike race in what was probably his best result of the day.

Jamie Hamilton at Killalane road races

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