Video : Castlereagh CC club run

Ever wondered what it is like to be part of a Cycling club out on one of their group rides? Wonder no more.

Below is some point of view video clips filmed from my Bicycle captured during Sunday’s club ride with Castlereagh Cycling Club as we left our meeting point (Forster Green Hospital Bus shelter on the Knock road) and cycled down the Ravenhill road, through Belfast City Centre, up the Antrim road through Doagh and Ballyclare to Ballygalley before return along the famous Antrim Coast Road through Larne, Glynn, Carrickfergus etc. Each member of the group rotates to the front to shelter those behind from the wind and then drops back which helps the group to maintain a higher average speed than what each could maintain on a solo ride. We all also give various signals to those behind to warn of hazards in the road, lange changes, slowing down etc allowing us all to cycle close together at speed, in safety.

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