Coastal 55

It was one of those will I won’t I Mornings. Rain was in the air, the roads were still wet but the forecast promised for dry Weather with some sunshine. Eventually I got myself and the Bicycle ready and out I went prepared for sun, and as luck would have it I got drenched just three miles in before seeking refuge in a Bus shelter.

Meeting up with Toddy in the Craigantlet hills we pedalled over Craigantlet, round by Crawfordsburn, Bangor and Groomsport before stopping in Donaghadee for a warm brew and a Caramel Square partly to shelter from the Rain. Venturing back out, the Rain had relented and the Sun was finally starting to break through the clouds. On round the Peninsula we rode through Millisle stopping in Ballywalter to discard the rain jackets then turning inland crossing the Peninsula and emerging at Greyabbey. Keeping up a steady pace we kept to the main coastal road back in to Newtownards. My legs were still feeling good so I made the call to venture up past Kiltonga Wildlife park and up the climb along Bradshaws Brae and back up over Craigantlet for another warm Brew at Toddy’s house. Finally the high speed descent [45mph] of Belmont road down the back of Stormont and home for a decent fifty five miles.

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