Castlereagh Club spin

Not knowing how the Legs would be feeling after a tough days climbing yesterday it was back out on the bike for the Sunday spin with my Cycling Club, Castlereagh CC. The Weather forecast was for light rain showers with light winds and I hadn’t even met up with the rest of the club when I encountered wet roads which didn’t bode well for the rest of the Cycle.

Waiting at Forster Green Bus shelter for everyone to gather two females showed up and were joining us for their first experience of a Castlereagh cycle and within a few minutes a third female arrived who had been out with us one time before a few months previous.

All assembled and as per usual a loose route plan was formed there and then and this time it was “head West” so we set off along the Knock Carriageway, then along past Shaw’s Bridge to the House of Sport, up the Malone road past Lady Dixon park and on to Drumbeg. Taking the shady lane to Hilden and on in to Lisburn then Upper and Lower Ballinderry and Aghalee round to Soldierstown and then in to Moira where we stopped at a way too warm Coffee shop to refuel.

Suitably refreshed we emerged from the Coffee shop and immediately felt too cold having been sat in tropical temperatures but we soon warmed up as we set off down the main street and turned right in to the Hillsborough road. A short distance along the road and it started to rain but it was only a light drizzle so I opted to keep going rather than put on a rain jacket. We continued on at a nice steady pace along the Halfpenny gate road past the Maze race course and along Blaris road back in to Lisburn where we took the same roads as earlier in the Morning to arrive at Lady Dixon park to watch some of the local cyclocross racing. Standing around in damp clothes I was rapidly cooling down so I said my goodbyes and continued up the Malone road, Stranmillis road, Stranmillis Embankment, Ormeau Embankment and on home for a handy wee fifty miler at a conservative pace.

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