Hurricane Desmond

With Hurricane Desmond battering the UK I thought I had the perfect excuse to get out of going on a Cycle with my mate Gavin but he is in the middle of a structured training plan prior to the start of racing in February and was in a determined mood not to give in to my excuses. So despite the Trees being bent over double with the Wind we kitted up and got out on the Bicycles.

Forward momentum was slow due to the severe wind resistance and it seemed to be battering us left right and centre as we navigated the outer ring to House of Sport then along the Malone road and turned in to Sandy lane navigating through Hilden to Lisburn. From lisburn the traffic was lighter as we made steady progress to Upper Ballinderry, lower Ballinderry, Aghalee on on to Moira where we stopped to refuel at a Coffee Shop and shelter from the Wind and the Rain.

Leaving Moira we took the Hillsborough road, Halfpenny Gate road, Derrynahone road, Cockhill road and the Kesh road to Down Royal race course. Then Gravel Hill road, Bog road, Blaris road and Hillsborough old road back to Lisburn then back through Hilden to Drumbo where we decided to take the Lagan towpath back to Belfast for 51 very hard earned miles in the Saddle.

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