Sunday Cruisin

A widespread Frost was forecasted for Sunday Morning so I planned to take a lazy Morning and then if suitable mid-Morning go out a short spin on the Bicycle.

I wakened much earlier than planned, so much for a lazy Morning! Looking out the Window it did not seem Frosty at all but still I cautiosly waited another hour and then ventured out a short Walk to asses the road condition, dry, salty but otherwise perfect and the Sun was even trying to put in an appearance. Due to all the Salt on the Road I opted to leave the good Bike at home and set off on the CX Bike aka the Winter Bike for a steady cruise over to Holywood, back in the airport road for a little off-roading in Victoria Park then along the Lagan and up to the Gas Works for a look around and a few Photographs.

I ended the Cycle with a short blast up the Annadale embankment then back down the Ormeau embankment on the other side of the Lagan along Beersbridge Road and jumped on to the Comber Greenway for the final cruise home for a very pleasant twenty one miles which helped loosen the legs after yesterdays climbing.

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