Studio Shoot

Last Saturday Morning (29th March) I had to photograph a friend’s two kids as a favour to him. We set up a makeshift studio in the garage, complete with studio lights and a background. I then tethered my Nikon D200 camera to my Apple Macbook laptop, connected the big external monitor and loaded up Apple Aperture. I configured Aperture for a tethered shooting session where the images that I shot were instantly transferred to my laptop and then displayed full screen on the external monitor for instant review/feedback.

Kids can be hard work at times, but I must have got Gavin and Victoria’s kids on a good morning as they were a joy to shoot and below you can see two of the shots.



For these shots I had one studio light either side of the subject and at 45 degrees to the subject, fired through an umbrella and soft box to give a nice soft, diffused light. Manual exposure, 1/250s at f18 and a manually set white balance. Nikon D200 and Nikon 17-55mm f2.8

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