Paddys Day bonus Cycle

Getting home an hour early for Saint Patricks Day with the Roads bone dry and the Sun shining brightly was the impetus to get out on the Bicycle and get a few Miles in before darkness closed in. I am pretty rubbish at climbing hills with any descent speed so I deliberatly selected a short but hilly loop rather than shy away from hills, so it was off up the Gilnahirk road across Peartree Road and Hillhead Road then climbing again up the Ballyrainey Road and turning in to the Killynether Road to descend past Scrabo in to Newtownards.

I briefly stopped in Newtownards at Kiltonga Wildlife Park in beautiful Sunshine before climbing again on the Belfast Road up Bradshaw’s Brae and down in to Dundonald and home for a decent Seventeen miles in cold but beautiful Sunshine.

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