Phoenix Club Spin

I didn’t care that the Weather forecast was far from good, Rain was expected, lots of it. But the overnight Rain had ceased, the Wind was very light [for the first time in ages] and I was on the Bicycle and making my way across the City to the House of Sport for the Saturday Morning group Cycle with Phoenix Cycling Club. Phoenix is a much larger Club than Castlereagh and so can cater for more abilities by running various paced group rides to suit everyone who turns up.

Not having ridden much with Phoenix I was not sure which group would be suitable for my current ability so I opted for the B2’s and on the whole it was a good choice with Seventeen of us out for a few miles. We set off up the Outer Ring then the climb up Purdysburn Hill and over to Carryduff, Ballygowan, Killinchy, Shrigley and then wiggled and weaved our way across the country lanes to Crossgar. I was expecting us to stop at a Coffee Shop to refuel like Castlereagh do but nope, Phoenix never stop and on we went to Kilmore, Listooder, Temple, Drumbo and back to the House of Sport.

I still had a bit of energy left in the legs so decided to stay out for a few more miles taking in the Airport Road to Holywood and back home in light rain for a total of 74 miles.

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