Battling the Wind

A rare public holiday from the day job, so rare that this is the last one I get until Christmas [sad face!] so I got geared up for the Bicycle to make the most of it. There was heavy overnight Rain accompanied by stormy winds which woke me earlier than I wanted. By the time I needed to leave the house to Cycle over to the House of Sport to meet up with a few from Phoenix CC the Rain had stopped, the Sky was clearing and the Sun was out, but the very strong Wind was still bending the Trees over.

Whether it was the headwind or I just wasn’t recovered enough from Saturday’s Cycle I found it a bit of a struggle crossing town but I eventually made it over [navigating around the Coach loads of Marathon runners assembling] and was joined with just six others.

We set off in to the Westerly Wind down the Malone Road to Drumbeg and Ballyskeagh to Lisburn then on to the Ballinderry Road to Upper Ballinderry and taking Station Road and various other country roads before arriving in to Crumlin stopping at a Petrol Station for a Coffee and Bun and a call of nature before resuming. Leaving Crumlin we Cycled over to Stoneyford and down the Pond Park Road only for me to get a rear puncture shortly afterwards. Tube replaced we were back on the road through the Cutts and down the Lisburn road to Balmoral and then up through Stranmillis. By now I was back on my own and decided to do a few more miles so I cycled over to the Ormeau Road where the Marathon runners were finishing. I weaved my way through Ormeau Park, passing the Short Strand through Bridge End and over to the Odyssey and out the Airport Road wind-assisted to Holywood. Holywood was closed to traffic for some event ruining my plan to nip home from there so I decided on yet more miles and took the main Bangor road then the long drag up the Ballymoney Road directly in to the head wind up to Craigantlet and across the Holywood Road for a lovely fast descent down the Belfast Road past Kiltonga Wildlife Reserve to Newtownards then the drag up to Scrabo, across the Unicarval road and on home running on empty as the Wind finally took its toll on the enrgy levels.

76 miles door-to-door with one puncture and only one Rain shower.

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