Last day off, last cycle

Tomorrow sees me return to work after being off for a week, with beautiful blue skies and warm sunshine I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to get out on the Bicycle and get in a few more miles, but I was conscious of having done a lot of miles recently and did not want to overdo it so decided to only push hard for the first half of the cycle and then pootle back home at a very leisurely pace.

I started out along a short stretch of the Comber Greenway then up Sandown road, a short stretch of the Knock road and then down the new Wigglemash way path in to Orangefield park before navigating across to the top of the Ormeau road. By now the leg muscles were warmed up and it was time to up the ante and start pushing hard up the Saintfield road to Comber then in to the lanes winding around to Ballygowan through Darragh Cross and Derryboye to Killyleagh where I stopped for a brew and a scone. The run out to Killyleagh had been fast and I recorded a string of personal best times.

It was now time to wind it back and ride at a steadier pace along the main Comber road before turning right in to the Ringdufferin road to hug the Strangford Lough Coastline over to Whiterock and on to Sketrick Island stopping at Daft Eddies for another brew and to sit a while soaking in the Vtamin D from the warm Sun.

Ex Motorcycle racer Chris Richardson came cycling along from Whiterock and initially cycled past Daft Eddies but then done a u-turn and stopped in for a cofee and wee had a good chat before we both rode back together to Belfast at a steady pace.

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