Fun in the Sun

Come “Parole O’Clock” I bolted out the Door from Work for the Commute home, a quick turnaround and out on the Bicycle to venture across Town to meet up with a few friends from Phoenix Cycling Club for a mid-week spin, thankfully the Weather was much kinder than the Weekend just past, we were blessed with warm sunshine and dry roads.

I negotiated my way through the rush hour traffic and up the Malone road to the agreed meeting point where we cycled through Drumbeg to Lisburn then out the Ballinderry road to Upper Ballinderry. Keeping off the main road we cycled through Maghaberry and circled around Down Royal Racecourse back to Lisburn where we took the Lagan towpath trying to avoid the numerous broken bottles and back out on to the road at Hilden taking the Sandy Lane and Malone Road back to Belfast where we all went our separate ways looking forward to our Dinner.

Door-to-Door I had clocked up 45 miles which for a “school night” was a good spin.

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