Formation flying on the Airport road

After sitting in the Office all day looking out at the Autumnal Sunshine and wishing I was out in the Country lanes riding my Bicycle there was only ever going to be one outcome. As soon as I got home from Work I started prepping my good bike, filling water bottles and sorting out the Clothing for a short evening spin.

It was already almost dark as I left the House, turned on my lights and clipped in to the Pedals and set off down the Comber Greenway to the Beersbridge road then out on to the main Newtownards road. I kept the effort levels steady to give the leg muscles a chance to warm up, then put in a harder effort for the short up n over of Dee street Bridge and eased off the gas again along to the Titanic Quarter.

Turning around and coming back up the Sydenham road and turning in to the Airport road and through the first set of traffic lights it was now time to really put the gas on as I put in a hard three minute interval followed by a three minute easy effort for recovery and then repeated that. The intervals were in to a strong headwind the second one in particular with an average speed of 19mph and 17mph respectively.

By now I was at the end of the Airport road so I turned around to come back up with the wind at my back. A large group of the fast lads from my Phoenix Cycling Club came storming past so I put the gas on again to join in the fun as we all worked together taking short pulls on the front of the group to share the workload. Just over seven minutes later we were at the traffic lights at the SSE Arena (formerly Odyssey) and I bid them farewell as I only intended to be out for an hour having not yet had my evening meal. The seven minutes that I was in the group I held an impressive 24mph average!

My Intervals completed I cycled the remaining miles home at an easier pace to bring the muscles and heart rate down to normal levels.

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