Slaughter in the Quarter

Sat in the Office all day looking out at a cold but dry and sunny day was pure torture. Confined to an Office, staring at three Computer Monitors, when all your mind wants to do is go for a Bicycle ride through the Autumnal lanes, I am sure torture in Medieval times was not as brutal. By the time ‘parole o’clock‘ came around I had decided I was going to go direct home and get geared up for the Bicycle and ‘enjoy‘ some torture with my fellow Phoenix Cycling Club members in the Tuesday Night ‘Slaughter in the Quarter‘ laps of the Titanic Quarter and Airport road.

Changed, Bike sorted, Lights switched on and it was off back in to town via the dark, leafy and branch strewn Comber Greenway whilst dodging pedestrians, Dogs running loose etc Having safely navigated down to Holywood arches it was through the houses and up over the Dee Street Bridge on to the Sydenham road and on to the Premier Inn Hotel in the Titanic Quarter, the designated meeting point for ‘Slaughter in the Quarter‘.

The good Weather saw a great turnout, I stayed out for two laps, two complete fast laps, before returning home for a hot shower via the Comber Greenway. Some of the group stayed out for a third lap, I probably should have too but the lure of food was stronger than the desire to suffer a little longer.

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