Gentle pootle

For a Week or more a Work Colleague has been ‘under the Weather‘ and inevitably sitting so close to him in an Office I too am now nursing a head cold and a cough. Sitting on the Sofa Coughing and spluttering I decided to venture outside on the Bicycle with the intention of keeping it short and not exherting myself too much.

It was a wet start after very heavy, prolonged, overnight Rain.

I cycled along the Comber Greenway through the Autumn leaves and out to Island Hill.

After chilling out for a few minutes at Island Hill it was back over the dual carriageway, up up up the Moate road to Scrabo and left to Killynether Wood for a brief stop to admire the Colourful Autumnal display.

Then back home again via the Comber Greenway for a handy 21 miles.

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