Gentle, solo spin

Between being loaded with a heavy head cold for over a Week and a self-imposed house curfew due to freezing weather and the risk of crashing on ice it has been about two weeks since I ventured outside on the Bicycle. Todays Weather forecast was for a slightly milder upturn in ambient temperatures, even so I took the cautious approach and decided to leave it until mid-morning before venturing out just in case there was an overnight frost.

Starting out along the traffic free Comber Greenway I was soon at Comber and out on to the Wet and filthy roads then along the Ballydrain and Ringneill roads to Nendrum on the shore of Strangford Lough.

Despite the recent frosty spell of Weather Autumn was still clinging to life.

Across the Lough to Scrabo, I could see the Sun was eventually starting to put in an appearance.

Cycling up Quarry road to Lisbane then taking the Moss road to Ballygowan I intended going on to Saintfield but instead took a left turn in to a new [to me] road and found some of the best Tarmac I have seen in this Country.

I looped back around to Ballgowan then back along the Moss road to Lisbane again and the Ballydrain road back to Comber before hopping on to the Comber Greenway again for the spin back home.

Forty miles clocked up all in zone one [very low intensity] to reintroduce the legs to longer spins compared to the shorter, higher intensity sessions lately that I’ve been clocking up indoors.

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