Wet and Muddy

The early Morning drizzle did not clear up as per the predictions of the Weather forecast so I was left with the choice of getting geared up and venturing out in to the inclement conditions or alternatively Cycle indoors on the ‘Hamster Wheel‘. I figured that in the coming Weeks and Months there would be many days where I would be confined to the House so I ventured outside.

Unlike yesterday’s low intensity ride today I kept the effort level much higher, pushing on to maintain momentum and speed. I selected a route of mostly main roads in a loop from Dundonald to Comber through Lisbane to Balloo across to Ballygowan, back to Comber and then leaving the main roads behind and hopping on to the traffic free Comber Greenway for the spin back home.

Only 26 miles but it was plenty at the effort level and any longer and the rain would have started to penetrate my outer layers as I deliberately opted to ride without a rain jacket.

My ‘Winter Bike‘ that I had given a good wash and clean after yesterdays Cycle was now ‘boggin‘ again such is the nature of Cycling on the roads at this time of year.

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