Slaughter in the Quarter

Tuesday Evening, the first of two Phoenix CC ‘Slaughter in the Quarter‘ sessions per Week. Conditions were as good as you can get for the time of year, cold and dry with a very light wind. As a result there was a large turnout, with everyone keen to get some fast nocturnal miles in.

The pace was fast, it was a tough workout and I opted to only do two laps with others staying out for a third lap. I had come straight out after Work with no time to cook and eat an evening meal so a third lap would have likely depleted the energy levels at that effort level.

Tonights wee cycle #cyclingni #cycling #roadcycling #phoenixcc

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After departing from the Slaughter group I took a minute in the newly opened C.S. Lewis Square at Holywood Arches, the redevelopment of the area has created a great social area that unfortunately the pics on my phone’s camera do not do justice to.

Some strange nocturnal creatures #cslewissquare #eastbelfast #belfast #northernireland

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More strange nocturnal creatures #cslewissquare #eastbelfast #belfast #northernireland

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Some bloke with a chair and a wardrobe #cslewissquare #eastbelfast #belfast #northernireland

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