Slaughtered in the Quarter

Andreea (a foreign girl living near me) whom I came across on a few Cycling Sportives last year contacted me earlier in the Week looking for details on joining us on the Weekly Phoenix Cycling Club Weekend group rides. She has ambitions of going racing and when I mentioned about the Slaughter in the Quarter fast, midweek sessions on the Airport road, she would not take no for an answer and wanted to sample it despite my misgivings about her (and my) fitness (lack of!!) for these sessions.

Home promptly from work on Thursday, no food, a quick change of Clothes more suitable for Cycling and wrapping up to combat the bitter cold, fill the Water Bottles, get the Bicycle sorted out and out the door in to the dark and across to meet up with Andreea and take her down the Comber Greenway through C.S. Lewis square at Holywood arches and on to the Premier Inn meeting point in the Titanic Quarter.

Before long the group had assembled and we were off, at pace! A tough reminder of how hard the slaughter sessions are. To make matters worse there was a very strong wind blowing. It was one of those Nights were I struggled from the off to hold the pace and the elastic finally snapped at the far end of the Airport road, all I could do was drop out and watch the group speed off in to the Night.

The beauty of the Slaughter in the Quarter sessions are that it is a reasonably short lap so if you get dropped you always can join in again the next time the group comes past. I waited at the side of the road until I saw and heard the group approaching, I accelerated hard to get up closer to the speed of the approaching group and joined in again but it really was one of those Nights where it just wasn’t happening for me and I soon got spat out the back again watching them ride off in to the distance.

Well and truly dropped I eased the pace back and continued on to clock up a few miles and not waste the evening before returning home to finally get something to eat, a nice hot, Chilli Burrito.

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How did Andreea fare on her first Slaughter in the Quarter session? Shortly after I got dropped she too succomed to the pace and having made the mistake of eating her evening meal just before coming out on the Bicycle she came to a halt at the side of the road and was sick! But I suspect she will be back for more.

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