Looks can be deceptive

Looking out at the Sunshine and Blue Sky it looked like a nice mild day for a spin on the Bicycle, but looks can be deceptive!

I sorted out the Winter Bike and got myself layered up for what I thought was a mild Morning and set off along part of the Comber Greenway then through the Housing Estates and over to Stormont.

The steep climb up to Carson’s Statue at Stormont is never easy but today my Legs felt strong and I was only three seconds slower than my personal best time, not bad considering the heavy Winter Bike, clothing and colder air. Leaving Stormont by Massey Avenue and along the Old Holywood Road to Holywood I decided to climb up Creightons Green road with the intention of doing five or six hill repeats.

Gasping in cold air deep in to my Lungs on the first climb rapidly had me rethinking my plan and shivering on the descent as the cold Wind made me realise very quickly I had got my layering wrong and was under-dressed for the Wind chill 🙁 . At least the view across Belfast Lough was good.

Rather than risk a cold or a chest infection I quickly changed the plan to just descend to Holywood and return home via the Airport road and Greenway and some Lunch with only 16 miles clocked up.

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