Bitterly cold, windy, wet and a puncture

Out before Breakfast for what was intended to be a gentle spin but the strong, bitterly cold wind turned this in to a tougher effort than what I had planned.

Cold temperatures overnight and that chilling wind had left Ice and frost at the side of the roads but the roads themselves were dry so no real threat of hitting a slippy patch and coming down. I set off along the Comber Greenway then Cycled through Comber Town across the dual carriageway to Island Hill and a short stop for a couple of quick Photographs.

Leaving Island Hill then on to the dual Carriageway and along the Ballydrain road to Castle Espie before turning inland and climbing up to Lisbane. By now the moody sky had started leaking and a mix of Snow, Sleet and Rain started falling. It was time to head for home before conditions deteriorated further so I took the direct hit back to Comber along the main road.

From Comber I kept to the main road then turned in to the Hillhead road and somewhere between there and Dundonald I felt something wasn’t quite right with the rear of the Bike. A slow puncture was the culprit leaving me a dilema; stop and replace the tube in the bitter cold or risk destroying the rear tyre by riding home and fixing all in the warmth. I opted for the latter!

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