Nocturnal Hill Reps

Commuting home from Work I could not help but notice how dry and clean the roads were, a perfect Evening to get out a short spin on the Summer Bike!

They say you should train your weaknesses rather than shy away from them, cycling weight weenies agonise over every little ounce of extra weight on their bikes, kit and person. Never mind excess Ounces I have excess Kilos so ascending Hills at anything other than a Snail’s pace is always a challenge for me. Tonight I set off in the falling light for the Hills behind Stormont to do some Hill repeats.

As the dusk turned to darkness the Belfast City Lights became more and more noticeable. It is just a shame the rubbish Camera built in to my Phone couldn’t capture it properly, I should have brought my little pocket Camera with me… but that would mean extra weight for gravity to hold me back on my climbing.

I chose a quiet, traffic free Hill just off the main road for my Hill reps. Only the sound of my heavy breathing and my Tyres on the road for company. I set a new personal best time for the Hill on my Sixth ascent. After the Ninth rep I rewarded myself with the fast descent down the main road back in to the hustle n bustle of Belfast Traffic and my Evening Meal.

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