Nocturnal Scrabo Loop

This Evening commuting home was another of those lovely dry roads kinda evenings, but with a storm rolling in I knew it wouldn’t stay that way for long, so I had to choose to either man up and get out there on the Bicycle or do a training session on the Hamster Wheel.

I have had a few, minor but annoying issues with the Winter Bike recently so I opted to venture out to see if all the issues were now resolved after my recent twiddling with the allen keys. As it turned out I have now fixed all the issues 🙂 it was a joy to just be riding along on a nice evening in the twilight, watching the light levels fade to darkness. My route initially took me along the traffic free Comber Greenway trying to avoid the suicidal Rabbits coming out at dark, and the Black Dogs running loose.

Through Comber and climbing up towards Scrabo, the Bike was running smoothly and the legs were feeling good, all was good with the World. Even the Cars were giving me more room in the darkness than they do during the day. But by this time the Rain had arrived as forecasted, so rather than stay out on the longer route that I had planned I shortened my route and headed back for home down the Ballyrainey road crossing the Comber road in to Hillhead road and back to Dundonald.

An enjoyable short 17 miles to keep the Legs turning.

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