Making Hay while the Sun shines

Earlier in the Week the Weather forecast looked promising for midweek, I thought about booking a day off from Work for Wednesday but did not book it and of course Wednesday was lovely bright sunshine all day long, though very windy.

This Morning came around and it was still lovely and dry, with a few sunny spells and light winds and it was all the excuse I needed to book a half day and get out on the Bicycle to clear the head. It finally felt like Spring had sprung. 🙂

I set off along the Comber Greenway for the first couple of miles then took a hilly route to Moneyreagh looping around the country lanes between Ballygowan and Saintfield then on to the lovely smooth tarmac of station road through Darragh Cross and on to Derryboye passing Clay Lakes then back in to the lanes with grass rather than white paint in the center of the road 🙂

I stopped to capture a few Photographs including this one of my good bike with Strangford Lough and the County Down Drumlins in the background.

Continuing on along the undulating Ringdufferin road and the scenic bays along the shore of Strangford Lough I was soon descending down in to Whiterock passing through Ballydorn and Castle Espie back to Comber. Back to Dundonald via the Comber Greenway and home to put the feet up with 40 miles on the clock.

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