Early Bird, wet n windy, solo spin

The Weather forecast for the Weekend was less than favourable πŸ™ but looking at the Satelite Weather Map there appeared to be an hour or two in the early Morning with no Rain πŸ™‚

I set an early alarm clock, skipped Breakfast and was clipping in to the Pedals by 7am and set off along the Newtownards Road passing the Ulster Hospital through Dundonald and in to the Belfast Road and the first draggy climb of the Morning. The legs were feeling good so I kept up a good tempo and soon I was descending down the Brae to Kiltonga and in to Newtownards.

A short flatter bit of Road passing the Shopping Centre before another long draggy climb up the Scrabo road I decided to descend down the Moate road to the dual Carriageway and do a u-turn to climb back up the Moate road for a bit more hill training to test the legs. By now the first spits of Rain were falling.

Continuing on past Killynether Wood in to the Ballyhenry road the Rain was falling heavier now so I pulled in to put the Rain cape on before continuing along the Darragh Road in to Comber Town. At this point I could have cut my ride short and returned by the Comber Greenway but I decided to stick with it and was rewarded with no more Rain.

Exiting Comber on the Killyleagh road I turned in to the Tullynagee road, another long draggy uphill section. Despite having had no food yet the legs were still good, keeping a steady intensity I was soon at the end of the road going straight through the crossroads and on to Kilmood before turning right and the long stretch in to Ballygowan.

From Ballygowan I took the main road back to Comber and stayed on the main road back to Dundonald and home for a well earned Breakfast with 30 miles clocked up at 17.5mph average and a nice haul of personal best times.

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