Hurricanes and Sweet treats

Having kept the feet up all Week long to rest the leg I decided to get out on the Bicycle this Morning for a short, steady spin, solo, to ease back in to it. It was dry and very Windy, I probably should have taken the Winter Bike but decided to chance the Summer Bike, its deep section Carbon Wheels can be a handful in strong Winds so caution and concentration was needed.

I had only gone three miles when a Rain shower came on, being that close to home I briefly entertained thoughts of doing a U-turn. But the Weather forecast was good so I persevered on up the Comber Greenway and by the time I was in Comber the roads were soaking wet but the Rain shower had passed by.

Out of Comber and in to the Ballydrain road progress was hampered by the strong headwind, keeping low and aero helped maintain some forward progress. Despite the Wind it was a pleasant Morning spin and soon I was passing through Ballydorn and on to Sketrick Island for a warm Brew and a Caramel Square at Daft Eddies.

Time to pause and chillax and admire the views across Strangford Lough.

In stark contrast the ride back home was now Wind assisted and the miles came easy. A steady 26 miles on the Bike and the Leg holding up well, though not 100% just yet.

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