Seaside easy spin

With this fantastic Weather and me not having dipped much in to the annual leave yet this year it was time to put that right, so I booked a half day along with the rest of the Week off.

Having clocked up over 100 miles in the previous 48 hours it was also time to cut back on distance and effort levels and take it easy. A short spin in to Belfast via Orangefield Park and all the newly opened sections of the Comber Greenway passing through C.S. Lewis Square and on to Victoria Park I was soon crossing the Sam Thompson Bridge and out on to the Airport road.

Passing Kinnegar to Holywood I took the Esplanade to the Beach and came to a stop to enjoy the Sun but there was little shelter from the Sea breeze so it was back on the bike and over Holywood and Redburn to Belmont Park which was much more sheltered.

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