Solo, Sunny Sunday in the Lanes

So Phoenix Cycling Club recently took the decision to start the Weekend Club spins half an hour earlier at 9am for the duration of the Summer. It means I have to get up early at the Weekends if I want to do a Club spin and with me up early every day of the Week for Work I opted again to give it a miss today.

Looking at the Weather forecast it was to be a Windy but Sunny Morning with some heavier Rain showers around. A bowl of Porridge with some fresh sweet Strawberries and Sultanas got me fuelled up and ready to ride.

Starting the Day like… #breakfast #porridge #food

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I clipped in to the Pedals and set off along the Knock Carriageway and round to the Malone road with the intention of climbing up to Drumbo and trying to set a personal best time on the climb.

Setting out in to the strong headwind I was having to Work harder than expected and hoped I wasn’t depleting my energy too soon before the climb. Passing Lady Dixon Park and down to Drumbeg I was still felling good as I crossed the Hillhall road to start the climb up to Drumbo. I kept up a good tempo and changed in to a harder gear each time I felt my power output dropping, soon the climb was over and I achieved my personal best time to date 🙂

The route I had decided on for today kept off the main roads and around the narrower, quieter country lanes. The county down countryside was bathed in Sunshine but it was tough going fighting the strong headwind and I was burning up energy so quickly weighed up my options for a quick stop to refuel somewhere.

Passing through Boardmills and on to Ballynahinch I decided a little Cafe in Crossgar would be just the job. Leaving Ballynahinch I was no longer battling a headwind, instead I was travelling across the wind and my forward momentum picked up… or was it just the lure of a quick snack? I travelled on at pace and soon arrived in Crossgar.

Spoilt for choice of snack I opted for Scrambled Eggs and Bacon on Toast washed down with a big mug of Tea dining al fresco.

From Crossgar I continued on to Crossgar, Balloo, Killinchy, Whiterock, Comber and home on the main Dundonald road for a total of 52 miles only catching one very light Rain shower back in Belfast.

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