Back on local lanes

Thursday was to be my last day in Clifden but the Weather turned damp and even Windier and I saw that the Weather forecast for Friday was much better. Rather than waste Friday’s good Weather travelling home I came home a day early and then got out on the Bicycle on Friday in warm sunshine for a very gentle recovery ride. No hard efforts at all, just letting the body recover from a hard, high mileage week and letting the resting heart rate come back down.

This Morning I checked my resting heart rate and saw I was good to go again so got out early on the Bicycle, sadly not early enough to join in on my Club spin so a solo spin it was. I deliberately set off in to the strong Southerly wind. I made my way along the Knock Carriageway to Forestside then up the long uphill drag of the Saintfield road to Carryduff holding good power and set a new personal best time for that section. On through Carryduff in to the Lisdoonan road and the Ravara road to Ballygowan then up the Saintfield road through Darragh Cross and Raffrey to Derryboy and then in to Killinchy and on to Whiterock and a quick cuppa at Daft Eddies.

All Morning the legs were feeling good, I was holding good steady power and managed to keep up a good pace despite the strong headwind, all the miles around Connemara seem to have boosted the fitness.

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