2x Ballyregan & a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Out after Work on a grey but lovely warm Evening. Getting out later than planned and only realising after I had ventured out that I had forgot to turn on the immersion to heat Water for a Shower I decided to only do a short spin.

To make up for the lack of distance I needed to do some Work to get some training benefit out of the Cycle and so I tackled a local climb, the Ballyregan road, that to-date I had never ventured up as it is quite a long climb and has some very steep ramps. Upon completion of the climb I descended back down slowly to catch my breath and then turned around and climbed back up it a second time at a slightly faster pace.

The reward of the climbing apart from the views was a good fast descent down the Ballymiscaw road at the back of Stormont and an easier pedal home.

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