Lap of the other Lough

Andreea’s Cycling fitness and endurance is currently not what it was a year ago and she has not managed to do any longer distance spins this year, so she asked me to help her get an 80 mile ride under her belt. I decided to take her around the Strangford Lough Coast as it is reasonably flat and that would hopefully assist her to go the distance.

I met her on the Comber Greenway and immediately noticed she had only one water bottle and no food with her. Her first mistake of the day! We set off up the Greenway then across to Moneyreagh in to Ballygowan and on to Saintfield where I got her to go in to the local Petrol station and buy some snacks for her pocket as there was no way she would do the distance without keeping her energy levels topped up.

Leaving Saintfield we made our way over to Ballynahinch and along the Downpatrick road to the Quoile river where we made a brief stop to enjoy the Morning Sun. All along I had been encouraging Andreea to sit in behind me as close to my rear wheel as possible to conserve energy but she was reluctant to do so, her second mistake of the day.

Soon we were off again taking the Strangford road past Castle Ward and in to Strangford for a proper pit stop in a local Cafe before boarding the Ferry for the short journey over to Portaferry.

The temperature had dropped as we set off again along the Lough Shore Road enjoying the scenery and the traffic free tarmac. At this point Andreea was tiring rapidly and I gave her the option of taking the main road home which would be more direct and reduce the distance by a few miles which she gladly opted for. I sat in front to shelter her from the wind to try and conserve her energy but even by the time we got to Newtownards she needed to stop and rest for a few minutes.

Returning home via Scrabo, Comber and the Comber Greenway for a distance of 71 miles.

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