Hard push to Balloo and steady home

Back on the Bicycle and the legs were feeling strong so time to put the hammer down and push hard for a few miles. I set off easy along the Comber Greenway to warm the legs up then upped the pace down East link and out the Comber road then right in to New line and a bit of a climb. Then on to the Eden road and back out on to the Gransha road for a couple of miles before emerging on to the Ballygowan road.

A hard push in to Ballygowan and a sustained effort all along the rolling terrain of the Carrickmannon road and along the Thornyhill road to Balloo. Along the Thornyhill road is a short, sharp, climb touching almost 15% gradient at its worst, I held decent power on the climb and the legs were screaming by the top of it. A relaxed lunch at the Muffler Cafe in Balloo and some Sugary Fanta to restore the energy for the spin home.

Leaving Balloo on the Ballybunden road I kept the effort down riding nice n easy. Another Cyclist on the same Bike as myself came up from behind and we cycled along Moss road having a quick conversation before I turned off to the right in to the Burn road, Lough road, Drumhirk road, Old Ballygowan road and back to Dundonald via the Comber Greenway.

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