When Darkness descends, the temperature plummets

A beaut dry, sunny evening added haste to my Car commute home from Work. A brisk turnaround and straight out on the Bicycle to enjoy a spin in the Countryside with the objective of getting in 30 miles or thereabouts.

I wore a long-sleeve Cycling Jersey for the first time this Autumn thinking it might be cooler now at the tail end of September. As I set off along the Greenway and up the Newline I was a little too warm and thought I had got my Clothing choice wrong. I continued on regardless up the Eden road and Lisleen road to Moneyreagh.

It was a beautiful evening but the foliage has now well and truly turned hinting at the incoming Winter Season.

From Moneyreagh I kept to the quieter Country lanes navigating across to Saintfield then out Station road passing through Darragh Cross and Raffrey to Derryboye. The Evening light was dropping fast and with it the temperature plummeted, even my long-sleeved Jersey was a little less than what I would have needed to truly feel comfortable in the chill air.

From Derryboye I pushed on to Balloo and along the Ballybunden and Moss road to Ballgowan, it was getting properly dark now and time to switch the lights on for the final push down to Comber and then the traffic free Greenway back home. A great 35 mile spin and probably one of the last bright, sunny evening rides for this year 🙁

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