Tuesday Clubbing

Tuesday and Thursday Evening’s throughout the Winter months sees my Cycling Club do fast paced group rides up and down the Airport road in a relatively safe environment. Street lighting, roads salted, down at sea level and light traffic means Cycling Clubs can still get some miles in in the dark in a fairly safe environment.

The downside is that there is always a headwind to do battle with somewhere along the route, made all the tougher by the fast pace and even worse if the group rotation has you on the front of the group when riding in to the headwind.

I missed it last Week but got home from Work in good time this Week to get out and enjoy the slaughter in the quarter. There was a great turnout of at least a dozen adrenaline fueled junkies eager to get four laps of hurt in. My plan was just a couple of laps as this was now my fourth day in a row on the bike. 17 miles in 48 minutes was a brisk spin.

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