Back in the Saddle

Studying my Cycling metrics data it is obvious that since late June my Cycling fitness has been steadily declining due to various factors like a few head colds, a very wet and windy August and more recently a few days away from the Bicycle for a family Wedding.

Today despite the strong Winds it was time to get back in the Saddle and start redressing the decline. The very strong Winds would have been dangerous on the Summer Bike with its deep section Wheels so instead I rolled out on the Winter Bike. A spin down the Comber Greenway, along the Beersbridge road and up the Ormeau embankment and through Stranmillis saw me working hard to combat the Wind. It was also noticeably colder but I just about got my Cycle Clothing layering about right for the conditions.

From Stranmillis i took the Malone road and the long climb up through Drumbo then across to Temple and a faster spin across to Saintfield. Next was the Listooder road round the back of Rowallane and across to Crossgar, the views across County Down to the Mourne Mountains were worthy of a quick Phone Photo.

From Crossgar it was a steady spin over to Derryboye then along the Carrickmannon road towards Ballygowan down the old Ballygowan road to Comber and back to Dundonald via the Greenway. A tough spin in the Wind and Cold but nice dry roads and a decent burn in the legs by the time I was back home.

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