Gentle recovery spin

Mid-Morning and I set off on the Bicycle for a nice easy recovery spin just to flush the legs out after yesterdays tiring spin. I barely got half a mile before picking up a puncture, I had not had a puncture for many months previous and was due one. Being so close to home I just returned home to replace the tube, I decided to also replace the tyre to have some fresh rubber for the incoming Winter.

Repairs carried out I set off again down through Orangefield Park and the Greenway to the Beersbridge road then across to and through the Ormeau Park and up the embankment to the Lagan towpath, a less windy day than yesterday and quite pleasant cycling over the fallen Autumnal foliage.

Back down the embankment along the Lagan and out the Sydenham road to Victoria Park and then the greenway back up through the parks and home. A very low effort 17 miles to loosen the legs up.

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