Soggy Saturday Solo

After waiting all Morning and most of the Afternoon for the Wind and Rain to subside it was time to grab the Winter Bike and head out for a shorter spin than normal and so I decided to keep the intensity high instead.

I set off down the Comber Greenway at a steady pace to warm the legs up then a slower pace from C.S. Lewis Square past the Oval and in to Victoria Park then picking up the effort again leaving the Park and all along the Airport road round to Holywood.

From Holywood the speed dropped but the effort increased with the gradient as I climbed up Church road, Victoria road and Creightons green road, a long climb that just never gets any easier. A temporary respite from the climbing as I descended Whinney Hill, Holywood road and Bradshaws Brae down in to Newtownards before the climbing effort started again up the Scrabo road and then the descent down in to Comber and a nice flat spin home along the Greenway. A 25 mile Cycle door-to-door and a good little workout.

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