Slaughter in the Quarter

After last Night’s storm the Wind eased throughout today and by the time I left work I was itching to get out on the Bicycle with the intention of going on a solo spin. But then it suddenly dawned on me that it was Tuesday which meant I also had the option of a Club spin on the Phoenix CC Slaughter in the Quarter session doing pacey laps of the Airport road.

Having not been on a Club spin for many weeks I opted for some company, no point suffering alone right? Off down the Comber Greenway to C.S. Lewis Square then up over the Dee street bridge and along the Syndenham road to the assembly point outside the Premier Inn Hotel.

The nice dry evening saw a good number of Club members out looking to feel the burn. We had a good, tight, hard-working group keeping the pace up. A great evening on the bike from dusk to dark. Below is some video footage from the session, apologies for the sound I had to lower the levels as there was some interference picked up in the audio.

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