Wet, wet, wet!

Driving home from Work the Roads were dry and there was only a light Wind blowing, perfect conditions for getting out on the Bicycle. A quick change of Clothing and I was ready to throw my leg over the Saddle and get some Miles in. Opening the front Door to the outside World and what a transformation, everywhere was soaking wet and it was Raining steady.

Turning around and staying inside would have been the easy option, instead I set off anyway but changed my route to a shorter one to not get too waterlogged. Off down the Comber Greenway to Holywood Arches where I saw a lady off her Bicycle and looking at the rear of her Bike. I ventured over to see if she needed some assistance. Her chain had come off the smallest rear sprocket and wedged itself between the sprocket and the Bicycles frame. I removed her rear wheel and got her going again saving her a lengthy walk.

From Holywood Arches I went in through C.S. Lewis Square and along the Connswater River to Victoria Park, through the park and out on to the Airport road round to Kinnegar and on to Holywood then back home. A short, wet spin but still good to get out, and a pretty awesome Sunset over the Belfast Hills when I got round to Kinnegar.

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