Slaughter in the Quarter

A very Wet Evening and as the meeting time approached for the Weekly Tuesday Phoenix CC Slaughter in the Quarter fast group spin more and more people cried off opting for the warmth and dry off their homes. I on the other hand decided to not let a little Water put me off and set off down the Greenway in the direction of Belfast hoping there would be a few hardy / foolish members to accompany me in the sufferfest.

Waiting outside the Premier Inn Hotel and it was beginning to look like I was the only one foolish enough to accept a soaking. Soon though I was joined by another, then another and before long we had a very small group of five, this was going to be even harder than normal. A small group means less recovery time in the group before your turn on the front comes around again. With water-logged roads, lots of spray and darkness too making visibilty an issue we called it quits after three laps, one less than normal but a really good Workout. My right Calf was starting to cramp so I am not sure I could have managed the final lap if we had not cut the session short.

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