Autumn Bimble

Having spent the entire Week packing my possessions in to boxes, driving over to my new House and then unpacking the same boxes one Car load at a time, today was the day I had ear-marked to get out for a good long Bicycle ride to pedal away the stress.

The plan was to make the short journey across town to McConveys Bicycle shop on the Ormeau road and then set off from there up the Lagan towpath to Shaw’s Bridge and back out on to the road to get a good 60 – 80 miles in. All was going to plan until I got to the Lockkeepers Cottage when I heard my Phone ringing. An early afternoon delivery of a Sofa soon had me hastily changing my plan.

The alternate plan I came up with was to just take a very slow, easy Bike ride round the Minnowburn / Giants Ring area and back home again the same way I had come. Although dry I had checked the Weather forecast before setting off this Morning and it was to be overcast all day so rather than carry a proper Camera with me I accepted that the light would be nondescript all day and my mobile phone would suffice to capture a few images.

Scroll through the image gallery below to get a taste of Autumn in Belfast.

Autumn on a grey Belfast day #discoverni #belfast

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Storm Ophelia you've broken my Trees, I'm begging you please to go home #trees #storm

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