Night ride

A bitterly cold night 😯 my Cycle Computer informed me it was just one degree celcius as I set off up the Comber Greenway to Comber, it never got any warmer. The plus side of riding a bike at this time of night is the Greenway is nearly always deserted.

From Comber I took the Ballydrain road keeping a decent effort up to keep generating body heat, out past Castle Espie, then the ascent of the Quarry road in to Lisbane stopping to capture a quick snap shot on my phone.

Through Lisbane and along the Lisbarnett road and Moss road to Ballygowan and then the Ravara and Lisdoonan road with only the stars in the night sky and the sound of silence for company.

Back out on to main roads at Carryduff and the bright City lights it was now mostly downhill from here to Forestside, then down the Ormeau road, along the Ormeau embankment, along the Beersbridge road and up the Newtownards road and a short stop for some warm food. It was at that point I noticed something small embedded in my rear tyre, I foolishly removed it πŸ™„ and was surprised to see it was a two inch long thorn and I now had to stand in the cold night air and fix a puncture before riding the final mile or so home for a nice hot shower.

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