Solo Saturday slog

A little treat this Morning with an extra two hours on the Pillow 🙂 when I did escape the clutch of the duvet and looked out the window in anticipation of a nice dry day to get a good long Bicycle ride in, I was immediately shrouded in apathy when I saw it had rained overnight and the roads were soaking.

The Weather forecast was actually quite decent for the time of year so I decided to wait a few hours before venturing out on the Winter Bike. It was just after mid-day when I finally got organised and out on the bike. A quick scoot across to Dave Kanes Cycles on the Newtownards road to stock up on CO2 cannisters a real timesaver when inflating a tyre after a puncture repair.

Leaving Kaners the traffic was very heavy so I took the Greenway up to Comber and the main road to Ballygowan and on to Saintfield. It was a balmy 7 degrees and having dressed in plenty of layers I was wondering if I had over-dressed but I knew the temperature would drop as the Afternoon wore on.

Leaving Saintfield on the Station road and through Darragh cross and Raffrey to Derryboye then onwards to Crossgar the miles were coming easy, an enjoyable spin so far. Out through Kilmore then exploring the lanes across to Killyleagh then through Shrigley and back around to Derryboye.

Onwards to Raffrey then a right turn towards Ballgowan before deciding to detour across the Vesty road to the Saintfield road and back in to Ballygowan. With 45 miles on the odometer by now this was the longest Bike ride I had done in many Weeks and the energy levels were fading as quickly as the temperature was plummeting, but I was determined to keep at it and chalk up 60 plus so continued on along the Moss road and down the Tullynagee road to the Ballydrain road and back in to Comber and home via the Greenway.

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