Snowy Stormont

A couple of inches of the White stuff on the ground accompanied by plenty of Ice and freezing temperatures ruled out any Cycling outdoors for me, just not worth the injury risk! So instead I grabbed the trusty Nikon, pulled on the walking Boots and went for a Walk around Stormont Estate.

X-Boxes and Playstations did not get much attention this Morning as all the local kids were enjoying the Snow on the steep slopes of Stomont’s grounds. Lots of Dogs too were having a Ball.

There was also the appearance of a few of these strange creatures.

Straight home afterwards and on to the Hamster Wheel for some indoor Cycling torture in the pain cave dreaming of warm, balmy Summer Evenings. The Hamster Wheel has seen a bit of duty lately, hopefully milder weather will put in an appearance over the Christmas holidays to allow me the opportunity to get out and clock up a few miles.

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