Spinning the Hamster Wheel

Reports of Icey roads on the social media channels from local Cyclists were numerous and the news channels were even reporting that a gritter lorry had crashed in to a field aswell as multiple other vehicle road traffic accidents due to the slippery roads.

So, once again, again I was housebound and had to resort to riding the Bicycle on the Hamster Wheel.

At least I am getting good value out of my monthly subscription to Zwift the online, multiplayer, Cycle training platform. It is no substitute for getting outside on the Bicycle but it sure beats staring at a Wall whilst pedalling.

Ascending towards the Sun 🥇🏆 #zwift

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Shoulder to shoulder #zwift

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One last push to the KOM banner #zwift

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Almost two hours and a lot of sweat later it was time to get a shower and analyse the data.

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