Nocturnal Holywood loop

Tonight was a rare mild and dry evening after a prolonged bitterly cold and wet spell. So not long after getting home from Work I got myself and the Winter Bike sorted out, lit up [not quite like a festive Christmas tree] and out in to the darkness for a short loop over to Holywood and back in the Airport road.

As per usual there was a strong headwind on the Airport road, despite it not being a particularly windy night. The Airport road always delivers a headwind, it must have its own micro-climate! Next was Sydenham road, down past the Waterfront, up by Central station and along the Beersbridge road and on to the Comber Greenway for the final couple of miles home and a hot shower.

Analysing my ride metrics after returning home I was pleasantly surprised to see a big improvement, recording my best power data since way back in May.

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