A character building day

Looking out the Window this Morning to see water-logged roads and constant heavy Rain I knew right away that this would be another challenging day in the Saddle. No beautiful Sunrise to look forward to today, no epic scenic views, just puddles galore.

I decided right away to stick to flat, local roads and just get the miles chalked off and with staying local it gave me the bail-out option of going home early if the weather got to me and the head cracked. If there is one thing that will send me home early from a Bike ride it is cold, wet, feet.

I set off in to Belfast around dark, deserted roads, the few vehicles I met along the way must have thought I was in need of a padded cell for my own good.

Half an hour in and my head and thighs were already soaking wet.

An hour in and I could feel the Water seeping in to my Shoes… soon my socks would be saturated with cold water. Looking ahead the weather forecast is for much colder weather coming in with hard overnight frosts this could make cycling dangerous due to lack of grip so I stuck it out this morning and chalked off the minimum daily distance required to keep me on track to successfully complete the festive 500.

Returning home I squeezed the water out of my socks and jumped in to a hot shower. A special mention to my Castelli Rain jacket, my upper body stayed completely dry the whole time, not a drop of Rain got it, simply amazing product.

Only 354 Kilometres still to go… no one said this would be easy!

Relive ‘Rapha #festive500 day two’

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