Festive 500 day Three

This Morning saw a huge drop in temperature requiring a couple of extra layers on to combat the cold as I set off on the Bicycle at daybreak.

With the ambient temperature so low I was wary of frost or ice so kept to main roads for safety reasons. Through Dundonald to Comber then the dual Carriageway down in to Newtownards and out the Peninsula which is generally free from ice as it is right beside Strangford Lough. The Sun came out and cast a nice glow over the sky, I pulled in to take a Photograph with my Phone only to realise I had left my Phone at home… no emergency rescue phone calls this morning then if I have a bad mechanical.

I was time restricted today due to having to travel for a family dinner so I only continued another couple of miles up the Peninsula before making a u-turn and going back to Dundonald the same way that I had cam,e other than utilising the Greenway once I got to Comber. Quite a few sections of road on the way home were in to a headwind requiring more effort through the pedals something the now weary legs were protesting about. Shut up Legs!

A few video screen grabs from this Morning's #festive500

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Back home and only 29 miles clocked up so I grabbed my phone and back out on the bike down to C.S. Lewis Square and in to Victoria Park and home again to bump up the miles a little more to keep me on track for the festive 500 target of 500KM.

207KM completed, only 292KM still to go…

Relive ‘Rapha #festive500 day three’

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