Solo Sunday

Finally a slightly milder day with only a little bit of frost but thankfully no Ice. There was no rain either, although the roads were still soaking from yesterdays rain, and the Sun even put in an appearance. It was still cold and there was still that seemingly ever present wind.

I decided early on that 40 miles would be plenty and I opted to set out in to the Wind and return home with it at my back.

Off I set along the Newtownards road, right through Dundonald Village and out the main road to Comber Town. Gingerly taking a right at the roundabout just in case there was some ice and then the long hilly spin along the main road through Lisbane and Balloo and on to Killyleagh where I stopped to take in the Coastal views and capture a quick image on my Phone.

The Icey biting wind soon had me rolling out again through Killyleagh up past Killyleagh Castle through Shrigley and along the Clea Lough Road. A ninety left at Derryboye saw me now cutting across the wind and that took me across to Crossgar. A right turn in Crossgar saw me now on the smoother tarmac of the main road right in to Saintfield which was a nice respite to hands and butt as I kept a good pace up now aided by a tailwind.

From Saintfield it was a fast spin down in to Ballygowan and onwards to Comber and back to Dundonald. Just over 40 miles clocked up and a nice burn in the leg muscles.

The Winter Bicycle was running like a dream having treated her yesterday to a new Chain, Cassette, Rear Brake Pads and Rear Brake Cable as well as a good clean.

Relive ‘Morning Ride’

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