Fast to Ballydorn and steady home

Generally Cyclists will set off in to the Wind if doing a circular loop so they can benefit from a blow home from a tailwind. This Morning I set off having paid no attention to the wind direction and as it turned out I was benefitting from a tail wind at the start of my Cycle so I decided to just go with the flow, push on hard out through Dundonald and Comber then the Ballydrain road past Castle Espie and up the hilly lanes to the Strangford Lough Coast at Ballydorn.

It was a fast spin aided and assisted by the wind at my back but even so the data metrics recorded on my Cycle computer were the best figures I have managed to-date in 2018. As I stopped to admire the scenery I decided to take it steadier on the ride home but to also tackle a few short but steep climbs up in to Killinchy.

The series of hills out of Whiterock heading to Killinchy never get easier and they get steeper the further up them you go. I struggle on hills anyway but at this time of year when the air is really cold the pain seems worse as each breath of air chills the lungs but eventually the road levels out and soon you can rest on the descent back down to the main road at Balloo.

From Balloo I took the Ballybunden road to Kilmood and over to the Tullynagee road. Someone had clearly been having a smashing time recently on the Tullynagee road with a couple of Car bumpers in the hedgerows at the side of the road.

Only a short spin today but a good workout for the Legs and the Winter Bike now was in dire need of a wash, the Country roads were Wet and muddy and that mud went all over the Bike and myself.

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